Breanna Geiger

Bree has dedicated her entire practice to representing clients facing various issues in family law. She understands that family law issues and court in general can be incredibly stressful and recognizes that having a reliable attorney can make a difference. Bree finds it rewarding to be the dependable attorney that clients need when going through trying times.

While Bree is an east coast native, she decided to make Oregon her home. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but she completed her undergraduate degree at North Carolina State University.  In 2017 she relocated to attend the University of Oregon School of Law where she obtained her Juris Doctorate degree.

Bree started her career representing clients in extremely contentious family law cases at Lane County’s domestic violence clinic. While there, she learned how to be a trauma-informed advocate and how to deal with the complex interpersonal dynamics that often accompany cases where there is a lot of conflict between those involved.

Bree then worked for a big family law firm in Corvallis, representing clients in divorce, custody, restraining orders, and other family law matters. She also had the opportunity to shadow several of the firm’s most experienced family law attorneys, and she strives to incorporate the best parts of their practice into her own.

Bree recently moved to the Portland area, and she is looking forward to exploring the community and getting involved with local organizations. When she is not in the office working, she is usually out in nature hiking and kayaking, or at home cozied up with a book and her two dogs.